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Strategic Marketing

Sustainable business success requires a strong customer-centric approach. Understanding perceived value and aligning resources accordingly are essential for profitable growth. Hedgecreek specializes in crafting tailored, value-driven marketing strategies, ensuring profitable outcomes for our clients and distinct value for their customers.

Business Development

Daily business demands often keep companies from fully exploring new opportunities, leaving market potential untapped. Hedgecreek specializes in crafting & implementing laser-focused strategies for business expansion, leveraging your existing resources and expertise effectively to capitalize on international markets.

Market Research

Misguided marketing strategies destroy resources and waste value. Truly understanding their customers allows organisations to remain relevant in today’s fast changing (omnichannel) landscape. Hedgecreek helps you align your value proposition with your customers’ needs by measuring what matters most; your performance and relevance during the customer decision journey.

  • "Philips engaged Hedgecreek to assist in expanding Philips' software licensing business in the EMEA region for a range of innovative technologies. Hedgecreek designed and implemented a pragmatic business development strategy, leading to numerous software license agreements and strategic partnerships with leading brands in Consumer Electronics, Luxury, Wearables, Automotive, Healthcare, and more.

    Jesse Hagenbeek also played a pivotal role in formulating multiple business plans for new target markets, and executed on these plans resulting in concrete business opportunities and revenue. With a deep understanding of customer needs and revenue models, Jesse Hagenbeek consistently found creative ways to enhance Philips’ value for customers. In addition to contributing to strategy formulation and driving pricing and business model innovations, Jesse actively coached the team to embody Philips’ core value of putting Customers First."

    NAVIN NATOEWAL - Head of Software Licensing Digital Health - Royal Philips
  • "We hired Hedgecreek to help us develop our online services strategy. The team presented practical solutions for the various strategic challenges and successfully blended functional requirements with our customers’ cultural expectations.

    Our online services are now a substantial part of our overall operation."

    PETER MULDERS - chief operating officer - caleen finance
  • “Whenever you need a consultant or marketer to help you elevate your marketing or develop new business, Hedgecreek is most likely the agency you are looking for."

    "Jesse Hagenbeek is a formidable marketer. Creative and analytical, thinker and doer, eye for present and future, daring and ready to listen; Jesse seamlessly integrates these talents.”

    prof. dr. rudy moenaert - author of "the customer leader"

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